Cultivate Healthy Eating Habits In Your Child

A good teacher is one who can set an example for his students to follow, and keeping this thought in mind, if you want to encourage healthy eating habits in your kids you must set an example for them by eating healthy yourself, in the first place.

Most parents keep complaining that their children don’t eat fruits and vegetables, or that children overeat when it comes to junk food. But instead of merely talking about these issues, become their role model and show them how to eat healthy. And remember that when you’re trying to be a role model your approach has to be out and out positive.

Don’t let food be a matter of conflict between you and your child; at the same time to make your child eat you do not have to resort to bargaining with him or bribing him. If you tell your kid that he gets a chocolate once he finishes his meal, then you’re going on the wrong track and will never be able to cultivate healthy eating habits. Don’t go like a dictator pushing your child into eating whatever you want him to eat, give your child a little discretionary power to decide what all he wants to eat from what has been served on the table.

In most cases, children become fussy at meal times because parents don’t exercise proper control on the between meals snacks, that the child consumes. If you have any junk food stored in your house, the child will surely have it, so why bring junk food into the house in the first place.

And next there should be clearly defined meal times, with no snacks served at least two hours prior to each meal time. These odd time snacks, fills up the child’s stomach and if the child is already full he will not be interested in having a proper meal.

And lastly, food is not the way to express your love, so don’t keep feeding your child desserts and junk food to tell him how much you love him.

Sidharth Thakur