Creating Space In Small Apartments

Living in small city apartments isn’t easy, especially for those who are used to living in the open countryside. In small apartments space is always at a premium, and unless you organize things properly you’ll find it difficult to lead a relaxed and stress free life.

Clear the clutter

Clearing up and organizing the clutter around the house should be your first step to enjoy more space in your small apartment. Look at all the unusable things lying here and there, those unneeded boxes, piles of old newspapers and magazines, children’s toys no more in use, idle lying utensils and equipments, get rid of them if possible or else hide them away in an concealed corner. Clearing up the clutter should be a weekly task, because even small apartments can look livable and spacious if they’re kept neat and tidy.

Think vertical

With small apartments your major problem is a small floor area, and that’s something that you really can’t change, so think about making adjustments vertically. Think of narrow storage racks and cupboards with stretch high up to the ceiling, so that you get more storage space while keeping a good amount of your floor space free of furniture.

So instead of those two or three book racks or crockery storage racks, get it all infused into one big shelving units which stretches vertically up to adjust most of the things.

Instead of the regular clothes wardrobe, look for one which has additional storage space on top where you can put away your off-season clothes. And one more thing when choosing your shelving cabinets look for ones which are closed, as they are more aesthetically appealing as all your clutter remains hidden.

Multi purpose furniture

Even if you are living single, look for pieces of furniture which can help provide you with some additional storage space. For instance you could have a couch that has drawers at the bottom which can be used for storage. Blanket boxes also make for a good investment; they are large and have a good storage capacity.

And you can always use the top of the blanket box for several other purposes like you can place a few cushions over it and use it as a settee, or when needed you can use it as in ironing table.

And lastly, think about adding some nature’s elements, in the form of paintings, flower decorations or wall color, as all these have a great relaxing effect and can really give you a feeling of space even in the tiniest of apartments.

Sidharth Thakur