Creating Different Looks With Eye Shadow

eyeshadow To get the best results, choosing the right eye shadow type and shade is not just enough, since the way you apply it decides whether the outcome will be flattering or not. So here is how you can deck up your eyes to suit almost any occasion, using eye shadow.

The quick fix

When you’re crunched for time, the simplest and the smartest way to use eye shadow is to stick to just one shade, preferably a medium bright color. Coat your entire upper eyelid with this base shade.

Finally apply some more of the same eye shadow onto the crease and blend it upwards, to about the midpoint between the crease and the eyebrows. You can also draw a thin line of the same eye shadow right below the lower eyelash.

For a polished look

Techniques to get a more polished look, you will need to do a little bit of blending and so you will need two coordinated eye shadow shades, One a little light and the other a little dark.  Start off with the dark eye shadow, applying it to the eyelid just above the outer corner of the eye.

Then apply the same eye shadow to the crease, and finally use the lighter eye shadow shade to cover-up the area stretching from the inner corner of the eyelid to just above the outer corner of the iris, narrowing down as you move outwards.

For a completely sophisticated look

When you’re getting ready for some scintillating evening affair, you can even use up to four different shades of eye shadows to add a mystical touch to your eye makeup. First of all, you need to spread the base color on the eyelid, but remember that you don’t go too close to your nose or to your eyebrows.

Use a slightly darker shade to mark the contours along the lashes and also add some of it on the crease. Extend these lines up to the outside corner of your eyes, bringing them closer till they meet each other.

Next, you need to use the highlighting shade on the area stretching between the inside corner of your eye and the area under the center of the eyebrow. Finally, in case you’re planning to use a fourth shade, it can be used around the center of the eyelid, just above the eyelash.

Sidharth Thakur