Creating different looks with an eyeliner

If you know how to use eyeliner, you can easily add a charismatic appeal to your eyes. Even small and deep set eyes can be made to look bigger and prominent with the correct use of eyeliner. You can create a variety of looks with this one piece of cosmetic. However, what’s most important here is to master the right technique of applying eyeliner.

The most common technique of applying eye liner is to draw a line, along the eyelash, right from the inner corner to the outer end in one single sweep. The other way round is to begin at the mid and draw the line to the outer corner and then use another stroke to draw a line from the inner corner to the mid.

Here are some tricks to creating different looks with eyeliner.

The weekend part look

For this look you need to begin from the outer corner and you should draw a line only on the outer two third of the eyelid length. The line is supposed to become thinner as you move from the outside to inside. And to make it look a bit more dramatic, make the outer end a bit thicker and let the line run a bit longer than the natural eyelid. Top it up with some deep eyeshadow, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

A sexy look for a date

To make your eyes look sexy, begin applying the eyeliner from the inner corner to the outer end. All this while hold your eyelid tight to make a smooth line. Now make another line, starting again from the inner corner, but this time make the line gradually thicker as you reach the mid and then narrow down till you reach the outer corner. The idea is to make the line around the centre a bit thicker while keeping the line fairly thin near both the corners. And to complete the look give your eyes a smoky look using eye shadow and mascara.

The dramatic cat eye look

For this the only added thing you will be doing is to line the inside rim of the eyes, as well. First draw thin lines along the upper eyelashes, and then hold your lower eyelids down and draw lines on the inner rims. But observe one caution that you must make the line to fade away before reaching the tear duct.

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Sidharth Thakur