Cranberries Are A Natural Cure For Urinary Track Infections

The medicinal and curative powers of cranberry have been know to man for generations, but its effectiveness in treating urinary tract infections in women is the latest in health news. Earlier cranberries were often using to treat bleeding gums because of their high vitamin-C content. But as of today drinking cranberry juice is postulated as the best natural cure for urinary track infections. Urinary track infections are fairly common, and millions of women experience this problem on a recurrent basis.

How can cranberries help?

Taking cranberry juice regularly makes the urine more acidic and thus unfavorable for the existence of the problem causing bacteria. The acids present in the cranberries produce hippuric acid in the urine. And this acid doesn’t hurt the urinary track like most other acids; rather its strong anti-bacterial properties destroy the bacteria colonies present anywhere in the urinary track. It’s as effective as antibiotics used to destroy the bacteria. You will experience great relief in the burning, pain and itching which accompanies urinary track infections.

For those women who experience recurrent urinary track infestation, drinking cranberry juice regularly can prevent frequent recurrences. The acids present in cranberry coat your urinary track linings with the acidic material, which prevents the bacteria from sticking to the lining and breeding. Thus whenever infection causing bacteria enter the urinary track they are unable to find a suitable place to establish their colony.  Also the highly acidic urine causes the bacteria to die and get flushed out of the body with it.

Although cranberries are great in treating urinary track infections, if the problem is too persistent medical treatment should be followed besides drinking on this natural remedy. Even if you’re on antibiotics, drinking cranberry juice will help substantially in speeding up the treatment and in alleviating the usual discomfort associated with urinary track infections.

Besides drinking cranberry juice, you can also have cranberry extract pills to treat urinary track infections. These are now easily available at most health stores, and each pill contains about 800 mg of the cranberry extract which is equal to what you would get if you had about 250ml of undiluted cranberry juice. Pure cranberry juice isn’t always available, so if you’re buying the cranberry drink be sure you have three times of what we have recommended here because it contains only one third of pure cranberry juice.

Sidharth Thakur