Craft Ideas for Kids

Almost all kids enjoy doing crafts. This is a great way to keep them busy in their spare time. Crafts are not only a fun thing for kids but it also helps them to increase their creativity and knowledge.

If you want your kids to be engaged in craft activities quite often, then buying the art and craft stuff might be very expensive. But you can use your own imagination and use the things which are already available at home. Following are some craft ideas for your kids which you can easily find in your home:

Make a story book: For this you will need a notebook or take plenty of sheets of paper and staple them together. Now ask your kid to create his own story by pasting stickers or pictures and writing dialogues. They can also cut pictures from old story books or newspapers and stick on it.

Create a diary: Give a notebook or drawing pad to your kid and ask your kid to write about his family, friends, hobbies, pets etc. You can also give him old family photographs and he can stick those in his diary.

Make masks: For making masks you will need a paper. You can decorate it with buttons, sketch pens, feathers, paints, wool, cotton etc. You can easily find all these things at home. You can also ask your kid to try out different themes like favorite cartoon characters, animals or superheroes.

Make a robot: For this you will probably need some cereal packets, tin foil, toilet rolls etc. Grown up kids won’t need any help but if your kid is small you will have to help him stick the toilet rolls to a box. And then let him paste the buttons and controls on his own. After creating the robot kids can also paint it if they want to.

Crafts using vegetables: Take different vegetables like potato, lady’s finger, beets etc. Cut them into slices and give your kids to dip then into paint and make stamps.

If you have a store-room in your house, keep a basket there for storing plastic boxes, tubs and bits and pieces to let them invent their own craft items with their own creative ideas.