Cracked Lips – Combat Them Using Natural Remedies

Dry and cracked lips are a problem which plagues many people around the world. Cracked lips which are quite painful, can be caused due to factors like extreme weather conditions, nutritional deficiencies and certain physical ailments.

In order to cure this condition and to get smooth and luscious lips, one can follow many tried and tested natural remedies. An effective remedy for cracked lips is the application of a mixture of Aloe vera gel and cucumber juice on the lips. This mixture will moisturize the dry skin and will thus promote the quick healing of the lips.

In order to moisturize cracked lips, you can also apply shea butter or cocoa butter. These natural oils will be easily absorbed by the lips, and will thus make the lips healthy and moisturized from within. One popular remedy for cracked lips suggests dabbing your lips with a cotton ball soaked in a solution of honey, rose water and unboiled milk.

Dailyrepetition of this process is guaranteed to make your lips silky smooth. Raw honey has excellent moisturizing and skin softening properties, which makes it a popular choice in treating cracked lips. You can apply honey on your lips and coat it with a layer of petroleum jelly. Rub off this mixture after 15 minutes using a warm wash cloth.

Daily repetition of this treatment will remove the dead skin cells and will moisturize your lips, thus leaving you with soft and succulent lips. Excessive exposure to the sun will rob the lips of its moisture, thus leading to the formation of cracked lips. In order to prevent this condition, you should always wear a lip balm which has an inbuilt sunscreen.

You can also use a lip balm which is oil based, in order to keep your lips moist. Also avoid using tinted lip balms as it will aggravate the dryness of your lips. The condition of cracked lips can be caused due to the deficiency of certain nutrients like Vitamin B and Vitamin C.

Therefore, it is advised that you make up for this deficiency by including lots of leafy green vegetables in your diet.Drinking plenty of water is also necessary in order to keep your lips moist and hydrated from within. Thus by following the above said remedies, you can very well combat the condition of dry and cracked lips.