Counseling with Parents

Most problem children are products of problem homes. The disturbing features in a home affect the harmonious development of the children.

Parent counseling is aimed at helping parents become sensitive to the possible adverse effect of their behavior on their children.

By helping the parents gain a better understanding of themselves and their own personalities much harmony could be affected.

Parent counseling deals with the area of parent-child relationships concerning the dimension of dependence. Most parents are deeply concerned about well-being of their children and are afraid that if left to themselves the children may harm themselves.

Another area of parent-child conflict concerns vocational choice. Most parents begin with the presumption that they know what is right for their child. Children have their own ideas and this usually results in a clash of ideas, interests and personalities. Parent counseling thus is one of the important services that can help foster a healthy home atmosphere.

Parent teacher meetings are becoming more and more common in schools. A parent may visit a teacher at the latter’s request or a parent may want to know why his/her child has not done well in a particular subject handled by the teacher or ask the teachers for any kind of explanation.

Parents usually are heterogeneous lot. They have their own perceptions, expectations, prejudice, likes and dislikes about the school or about the individual teachers. Parents understandably are indulgent and so they see their children in different light.

The parent as a parent may not be able to see the problem of his child as the teacher sees it. The parent may take a defensive attitude or react in a hostile manner. Some parents may feel hurt and become very apologetic. The counselor has to see pupil’s actions without bias and enlist the parent’s cooperation for doing something positive for the child.

Some parents also have difficulty in expressing themselves. A parent may be reluctant to talk; the counselor has to first establish a warm relationship to open up lines of free communication by talking about positive aspects.

This brings home the importance of good relationships for the release of feelings. Sometimes parents help is also taken to gain information about the child’s personality problems. Thus understanding insights can help a great deal in reducing the tension and anxieties of parents.

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