Cosmetics That Provide Nutrition

cosmetics Now a days topical products with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, herbs and other nutrients are gaining popularity as the skin care cosmetics. Following six skin care products can be added in your skin care regime:


Shenui moisturizers, lotions, night creams, toners, and masks are made of  bioactives, active substances such as vitamins, polysaccharides, peptides, proteins, enzymes and herbal extracts. The bioactives can be chosen according to the skin’s need.

The best part of the shenui products are that they are not the readymade products and they are created only when you place the order. So the chance of losing power of the bioactives is decreased. The packaging of the products protects the product from air and light. The prices of the products depends upon  the product and your need of bioavtives. You can place the order online at

AB Skincare

NYC dermatologist Dr Craig Austin is the father of the AB skincare the key ingredients of which are A, C, E, Co-Q10, and green tea extract. AB skincare (visit for  your order)includes a huge range of products:

AB eye: it is a nourishing serum and it contains hyaluronic acid. It relaxes the eye surrounded areas.

AB 10%: it is a cleanser with glycolic acid which is excellent for fine lines , for decreasing skin pores and for curing the sun damages.

AB hands fights with age marks and pigmentation and AB Happy Feet is for rough skin problems. AB sun which is as SPF 45 moisturizer protects the skin from the sun at the same time fights with the early aging symptoms.

Prices generally vary from $35 to $95.


GliSODin skin supplements[ the first oral vegetarian form of superoxyde dismutase (SOD)], formulated by Paula Simpson, supplies the essential skin nutrients to the cell from inside and helps the body to support the skin cells  to absorb the nutrition.  GliSODin Skin Nutrients hydrates the skin, protects the skin from the sun rays. The 15 day drink based  detoxification program is made for the system rejuvenation so that the skin gets brightened. It also improves the digestive system. The price range varies from $80 to $300. It can be found in the top spas.

EmerginC Spot Lightening Gel

The all-natural EmerginC Spot Lightening  Gel which includes lactic acid, glycolic acid, malic acid, tartartic acid, vitamin C, bearberry extract, green tea, pine bark extract, chamomile, grape seed extract and licorice is very effective for the pigmentation problems. You can order it[$48] at

Merlot Skin Care

It is made of grape seed polyphenols whose anti oxidant is 50 times potential than vitamin E and at least 25 times effective than vitamin C. This skin care range includes moisturizer, night cream, cleanser, eye cream. The product [$8 to $20 ]cures damages from smog, pollution, stress, UV rays, smoke and even certain medications. Visit for your order.

Revance Therapeutics Relastin

Relastin products [Prices range from $69 to $99] has the ingredients like Zinc Firming Complex, vitamins C and A, and peptides which enhances the production of the elatin protein necessary for the rejuvenation of the skin. Relastin’s Skin Revitalizer, Ultra Emollient, and Eye Silk add glow to the skin. The product’s website is the place where you can place your order.

Whatever cosmetic you chose you have to remember that these products cannot be substitute of a healthy life style. These nutricosmetics can only be an added feature on your healthy life style.