Cosmetic Procedures To Remove Acne Scars

microdermabrasion Even after the pimples subside completely, the distress may continue because of the upsetting marks they usually leave behind. There are several cosmetic treatments available, which can be used to get rid of acne scars and blemishes.

While, over the counter topical treatments may be helpful in certain cases, in most others the need for the professionals interference is seen.

Acne scars can become nearly permanent if they are not attended to, well in time. But before you decide to walk over to your cosmetologist, you must ensure that your skin has been completely and permanently treated against acne. If there are some fresh breakouts, then you’d better hold on till all the fresh eruptions have vanished.

On meeting up with your cosmetologist, he will carry out a detailed study to identify the severity of the scars and may then decide upon one of the curative procedures mentioned here under.

The laser technique

This is one of the most promising acne scar treatment, and can be carried out only by a thorough trained professional. The technique is referred to as laser resurfacing, and the procedure involves removing the outermost layer of your damaged skin, using laser beams. The removal of the damaged skin, gives way to the emergence of fresh skin to the surface. The entire procedure may stretch over a few days, with nearly every session lasting between half-an-hour and one hour.


This is another effective method used to treat acne scars. And as the name is suggestive, the procedure is abrasive and involves the scrubbing of skin using revolving brushes. The objective is again to remove the damaged outer skin so as to get the fresh unblemished skin to take its place. The healing time is a little longer and may stretch over a period of five to ten weeks. Also, the skin may look inflamed for a few days after each session. The cosmetologist may also prescribe some topical ointments to soothe down the inflamed skin.

Fractional laser technique

This one is a slight up gradation of the old laser technique; or rather we can say it’s more like a combination of laser technique and dermabrasion. The combination makes it a far more workable technique to get rid of even the deepest and the most stubborn acne marks. Quite obviously, this treatment is bound to be a bit more expensive but then the increased cost seems justified when you look at the shorter healing time.

Sidharth Thakur