Corporate Party Etiquettes We Should Know


corporate_party All we party animals have waited long for this time of the year in winter – party time is back. It’s time for the holiday party of the company. All the men are happy to get to that open bar that is on the house.

She has always been there with you those parties looking all that gorgeous and beautiful making you proud to have her on your side. But hey, she wants you to visit her office party as well. Now, as we all know –men are like wolves, we hate to be outside our pack. Especially when it is after a hard day’s work and it’s not even our business.

For those among us who are new in venturing the corporate realm –and those for whom these company holiday parties with all their nuances are like old-hats; The corporate parties are almost all the same for both the old and the new arrived –who will learn the trade fast, with almost all the same rules and tips to look out for.

The difference in this case is however, it is not your but her corporate party. This slight change does suggest for some subtle changes that men need to look out for than what they are used to in their own parties.

The foremost thing that matters is how we dress for the party. The dress code for the party should be checked out in priority. Although for the office holiday parties the dress code is pretty simple with cocktail, formal usually. A very extensive wardrobe is not necessary to dress well, a good tie with a smart shirt and a pair of good cuff links can do wonders for the dressing up.

Another very important aspect to check out for before attending the corporate holiday party of one’s fiance is to have clear background knowledge of the industry she belongs to. It is agreed that parties are supposed to be fun zones free from the pressure of work; there however will inevitably be occupational conversations.

When the same is happening in one’s own domain and industry and in their own party it becomes a cakewalk. However, this time, it is a difference, so being prepared to contribute to the professional conversations is highly suggested.

Yes, the open bar can be here too. But, this time unlike in the usual office parties, it is suggested not to show-off how well a glass of alcohol can be held, and just how smooth one is on the liquor. It sure is a temptation highly difficult to resist for the wolves of men that we are but be strong and resist.

No matter how jovial and cheerful the atmosphere is, all the major players of the house would be on their watch for even the slightest chance of inappropriate behavior, and whatever the guest man shows off will reflect on the lady later. So stay put and if necessary the lady should be maneuvered a little as well, for which she would most definitely be thankful later.