Coping with Infertility

Infertility is not the end of life- and coping with the stress is equally important for a healthy existence. Given below are some of the ways to cope with infertility:-

Face your emotions: denial is a recipe for disaster.

You need to acknowledge your emotions and accept that you are feeling that way. Such acceptance is the first stepping stone towards your psychological well being and helps you to open up. Hence, you must freely express your anger, frustration or anxiety.

Seek out a support system: this is a time when a good support system can work miracles. Seek out your closest friends and relatives and share with them your feelings.

Your loved ones will never judge you and will support you well through when your infertility is bothering you. You can also try networking with other women who went through the same condition. Their survival stories will provide you with the much needed courage to cope with your infertility. Simply put, keep yourself in the company of positive people.

Talk it out with the spouse: a natural tendency among women is to blame themselves for this condition and the first person they shut themselves out from is their spouse.

It is very important to have a heart to heart conversation with the spouse and let them know about how your infertility is bothering you. Chances are the spouse is equally stressed to see you in that condition. Such clear communication not only strengthens the bond, but will also get you your strongest support system.

Divert the stress: learn to vent out your stressful feelings in some other way. Either talk it out, get into some high intensity workout or maybe indulge yourself in a hobby. If nothing else, get yourself a punching bag! Just make sure your negative feelings are not getting contained inside.

Stay away from mood dampers: whether it as your neighbor inviting you to her baby shower or your best friend asking you to accompany her for her newborn as shopping spree; stay away from anything that is likely to bring back your negative feelings. Learn to say no and do not get into such activities until you are emotionally ready for it.

Dont alter your normal life: don at mope around or put everything to a halt. Love yourself, your partner, keep the sex alive, and enjoy your daily life as you normally would and you won at face much of a problem coping with infertility!