Coping as a Mom of a New Born

Having an infant in the house can be extremely over whelming. For first time moms this feeling is even more exciting as they go through a variety of feelings that include anxiety, depression, fear or the unknown as well as joy and happiness of holding their own little miracle in their hands. The lack of sleep, feeding patterns of the baby, regular diaper changes and colic (if any) can cause a lot of frustration. I have been through this in the recent past and hence am sharing a few tips that helped me to cope.

One thing that helped me out was a walk that I went for every day. I left the house and the baby in the care of someone that I could trust and ventured out for a walk for 15 minutes every evening. The few minutes I spent with myself helped to maintain my sanity and also gave e a chance to ponder on my next actions for the night. Walk to the grocery store or the nearby corner store to grab a carton of milk if you need to; this will help you to break away from the hustle and bustle of the household.

Exercising daily will also help to increase the endorphins (feel good hormones) in your body and give you a sense of calm. Do not exert too much as your body may not be able to take the pressure but exercising for a few minutes during the day will be extremely beneficial. Use the hoola hoop to trim your tummy or simply skip or use the trampoline. These equipments will help you to energize yourself and keep you fit at the same time.

Don’t feel shy to set aside a few minutes during the dstay for yourself. During this time you could choose to pamper yourself with a bubble bath, read a magazine or even catch up with your friends over the phone. Detach from your baby and the household chores for atleast an hour daily; this will prevent you from getting depressed and burdened with the tremendous work that you have to complete daily.

Its ok to ask for help so if you can manage all the chores in the house ask help from friends and family. The key to happy parenting is to maintain your sanity. Request your spouse to help around the house with the chores and be involved with the child too.

Sleep as often as you can; this means that you must sleep when the infant sleeps; even if it is at a weird hour of the day. Sleeping for a few minutes during the day will help you to energize physically and mentally.