Coordinate The Right Shoes With Your Skinny Jeans


With skinny jeans occupying the center stage in the denim fashion, we thought of putting out a little help for the skinny jean lovers on how to coordinate it with the right pair of shoes.

With Boots

If you love wearing high boots, you sure do know what a big pain it is, to tuck the wide leg jean styles into your boots. Flares, bootlegs and even straights tend to bunch and rumple when you try to tuck them in, and in some cases the denim layer becomes so thick that you have to really struggle to zip up the boots.

That’s when a typical skinny jean seems the best choice, because it can be tucked into your high boots with effortless ease and perfect elegance. And obviously when your jeans are properly tucked into your boots, your fashionable boots look sleeker and impressive.

Wearing your skinny jeans tucked into your high boots is indeed the most fashionable way to wear skinny jeans, and what’s more this combination helps in visually balancing out the lower part of the body and bringing out your fine curves.

With Stilettos and High Heels

Your second best bet with skinny jeans, is to wear them over a pair of high heeled shoes or stilettos. In high heels, you can choose anything from pointed toes to peep toes to strap sandals; the idea is to wear a shoe that is sleek looking.  The biggest advantage of this style is that your legs appear longer and slender, and surely petite frames and women with heavier thighs can try it to look taller and slimmer. And to add more definition to your curves, team up your skinny jeans, over high heels, with a slim-fit shirt or a business blazer.

With Flat Shoes

If you aren’t the high heels or high boots type, then the only option is to wear your skinny jeans with flats, but well it isn’t an easy blend to pull off. When you wear your skin jeans with flats your hips tend to blow out, and if you’re already on the heavier side you can well imagine how exaggerated your bottom line would look.

However, if your hips are too small you could use this style to your benefit. Although flat shoes are perfectly permissible, provided you can pull off the combination, sports shoes and sneakers should never be worn with skinny jeans.

Sidharth Thakur