Cool Indoor Games For Kids

Do you find it hard to keep your boisterous, highly-energetic little ones busy? Many parents find it difficult to keep their over-active kids occupied.

They bring in the latest video games, art and craft sets and board games, but these games keep the kids interested for a few days, at the most a few months, after which they are bored and tend to annoy their parents until they come up with ideas to keep them busy.

If you find yourself in the same dilemma, you need to come up with cool indoor games that your kids will enjoy and at the same time develop their skills. Here are two classic games with a twist that your kids will love and will give you momentary peace:

Treasure hunt:

This classic game is given less importance than it should get. Kids simply love adventure, and treasure hunt can keep them busy for an hour or more. This game can be played in many different ways.

You can either hide a few things all around your house and give them small papers with a clue about the objects hidden and the places where they are likely to be found or you can just ask them to find the 10 cups / paper glasses / pencils that you have hidden.

If your child is interested in medieval knights or damsels, you can get a complete ensemble (boots, tunics, swords, veil, masks – use your imagination) of a knight or damsel and hide things in different corners of your home.

Tell your child that he/she wins only if he/she comes wearing the complete ensemble. If more than one kid is playing, the one who brings more objects, obviously wins the game. The best part about this game is that you can hide things in less than 10 minute and keep them bust for a good part of an hour.

DIY Jigsaw puzzles:

Jigsaw puzzles are educational but they are certainly not boring. We tend to consider that educational games are boring, but please don’t deny your child of puzzles, as these games can develop their reasoning, problem solving skills, fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and their understanding of shapes and colors.

Now you don’t even need to buy expensive jigsaw puzzles from the toy store; simply ask you child what he fancies at that time. Sometimes children are fascinated by wild animals, by aircrafts and by cartoon characters depending on their age, make sure you give him whatever he likes at that moment and do not force your own liking.

Take a print out of the picture he asks for, ask him to stick it on a cardboard and then you cut it into small uneven shapes. Ask your child to put them together. This way you will not only keep him interested but also busy. The best part is you don’t even need to spend a lot.


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