Cool Hairstyles From South Africa

Cool Hairstyles From South Africa

Cool Hairstyles From South Africa Hairstyles from South Africa are known for their unique funky style. These hair styles are varied and diverse in terms of how they look and feel. South African hairstyles are also known to be the most innovative hairstyles in the world.

People in South Africa generally have hair that is curly, thick and difficult to manage. Hence South African hairstyles are designed to make hair more manageable as well as to make them look beautiful. The following points will tell you about cool hairstyles from South Africa that you can try on your own hair.

 Hairstyles from South Africa

Making Hair Locks

Hair locks are one of the most widespread South African hairstyles. In this style, thin strands of hair are twisted into curls all over the head. This hairstyle is also known as a deadlock and in some ways it looks like the mane of a lion.

This is an elaborate hairstyle, depending on the thickness and texture of the hair and also the length, it may take up to 10 or 20 hours to complete. But if it is done properly, it makes a mass of curly head much more manageable by separating thin strands of hair into locks. Locks can have different meaning for different people. For instance, it can have a religious or symbolic significance for some people while for others it can signify pride and majesty.

Cornrow Braids

Cornrow braids are a variation of traditional English braids also known as a plait. In a cornrow braid the hair is made into several braids which make the hair lie flat on the head. This South African hairstyle is ideal for people who have thick and curly hair. This hairstyle involves separating the curls into strands and then making a braid out of each strand.

Unlike making one strand with all of your hair as it is done in an English braid, in a cornrow braid there are several braids all over the head. This ensures that there are no loose strands of hair on the head. It is a very attractive hairstyle and it is called cornrow because the braids look like rows of corn in a field.


Another popular South African hairstyle is the twist. This hairstyle is like the cornrow braids. However, the only point of difference is the fact that the braids are not made with three strands of hair as is done in a plait but instead there are two strands in each braid. This gives the braids a twisted look and hence the name. Where as in locks, the twisted strands are free at the bottom, in a twist; the strands are locked as they are in a braid.

Natural Hairstyles

The people of Africa also love to wear their hair in a natural way without styling it too much. These hairstyles involve curling the hair deliberately to make it look natural. What makes these hairstyles great is the fact that they make your hair manageable without having to do an elaborate hairstyle. Many people choose natural South African hairstyles because it makes them feel closer to their tradition and their roots.