Cooking For a Fussy Eating Child

There are times it is hard to meet your child’s demands at the dining table. Your child can be choosy about the food and will not have what you have cooked.

There are many ways to deal with this crisis on the dining table. The way to do is to make cooking and eating more interesting for your child. If your child is older, then take him/her to the super market and help him be introduced to the new and healthy food items.

Let the kids choose the food they want.Alternatively, give them the money to get food items for themselves. This is a great way to teach them about food as well as food stuff.

An usual way followed is to cajole them to have food. Usually, a kid will refuse new food eight times on an average. Research has suggested that the chances of acceptance of food items increase after the initial denials.

But even then if the kid does not accept, then cite examples of grand ma liking the food and that the child is missing on something. If you mention the name of someone the child loves liking the food, then the child will feel inclined to try that food out.

Another nice way to generate interest is to do all the cooking with your child. Make it fun for him/her. Let him add ingredients to dishes or stir the preparation. You can also introduce your child to the chopping board by allowing him to cut cheese using a butter knife.

You can also get your child interested in your cooking is by removing junk food from the child’s reach and from around the house. When the child will feel hungry, he/she will invariably come to you for food if nothing else is found. That is when a good preparation at home will be good enough.

It is suggested that if your child is picky about food, then to not invest a lot of time in cooking for him/her. You might have to prepare the food again and hence not spending a lot of time on a dish will save a lot of time too.