Controlling Relationships – Signs

Controlling relationship is simply a situation where you are absolutely not allowed to decide anything on your own, be it for yourself or your partner.

This is a dangerous situation that eventually sucks your individuality and freedom out of you leaving you without a life of your own.

No matter how much you love the person, you have all the right to live a life of your own and nobody has the right to control it. Getting out of it might take some courage and time to heal, but the situation can’t get worse than you already are in.

There is a fine line that separates control and taking care of. Just because your partner decides a few things for you without asking you, you don’t have to label it as controlling. At this level, your partner is probably only looking out for you and your welfare. But once all the rights to decide are cut off, you know that you are being controlled.


A controlling partner will want to know all of your whereabouts all the time regardless of whether you are comfortable with it or not. This may not be as annoying in the beginning. But once your partner starts demanding for your private information like your email passwords etc. you know that it has reached a paranoia level.

You partner might also not allow you to spend more time with your friends and family and want you to spend with them all the time. Demanding for your money and physical abuse is probably the last red-alert stage where you must know that your relationship is not healthy anymore.

Don’t give in to the sweet talks that you are showered with right after you are abused to do whatever your partner wants you to do. This is only a way to make sure you won’t leave and your partner can continue to use you.

A controlling partner also makes you apologize for things that was not your fault and make you ride through a guilt trip. He may also threaten to leave you just to have you turn submissive.

Apart from the many subtle hints, these are the major warning signs that must not be neglected. Take your time and think over how much freedom you have in your relationship and see if you are truly living a suffocating life with them.

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