Control your Cholesterol with Low Cholesterol Food

What you eat makes up for the cholesterol content of your body; invariably this calls for a diet which needs to be carefully revised so as to reduce the amount of food that has cholesterol in them.

Whether or not you suffer from cholesterol related problems is not a criterion;

you should keep your diet as cholesterol free as possible for a healthy body. But also it is equally important that your food does not contain trans fatty acids as they promote the increase of cholesterol in the blood. So, what can we include in our regular dietary program that will keep us well nourished and away from cholesterol?

An easy first answer will be to include lots of vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Food derived from plants is always free from cholesterol and hence can be eaten safely without any worries whatsoever. Pasta, cereals, rice, nuts, seeds are wonderful low cholesterol options.

For non vegetarians, chicken, turkey, fish are good options especially fish. Almost all kinds of fish have minimal amounts of saturated fat. However you need to limit the amount you take as they are not totally devoid of cholesterol and saturated fat. Tofu is a good alternative. If you are keen on eggs, you can remove the yolk and have the egg whites as they do not contain any cholesterol.

Amongst dairy products, you can go for the low fat or non fat yoghurt, fat free milk, non fat cottage cheese etc. They have plenty of calcium and other nutrients and score much less on saturated fat and cholesterol than whole milk.

For your frequent hunger pangs, there are a number of low fat snacks. Bread sticks, Bagels, Pretzels, Fat free crackers, dried fruits etc are good and healthy options.

For those who cannot live without deserts, there are healthy solutions. Fat free or low fat cakes, pastries, brownies are okay to indulge in. Also low fat fruit ices, sherbet, fat free milk pudding etc are admissible.

Thankfully, there are a number of choices to choose from when it comes to avoiding food with high cholesterol and saturated fat. A consciously maintained choice in food will yield results and keep you healthy.