Contact Lenses: Proper Care To Avoid Problems

contac Poor eyesight leaves you with the common options of wearing glasses, putting on contacts or going in for the surgery.  And well, you do have one more option and that is to avoid all the three and keep bumping into things, pretending that you have no problem with your eye sight.

Glasses are in fashion, and while some people may just be able to carry them well, there are others who become overly self conscious on wearing glasses and so wearing contacts seems to be a better alternative. But in case, you’re opting for contacts you have to be a little particular about how to use them, when to wear them and how to clean them.

Failing which, you will land up in troubled waters, with eye infections or maybe something more drastic lingering around you. And if you feel wearing lenses is not your cup of tea, and glasses seem uncomfortable, then laser surgery is the most viable option you should look forward to.

With contact lenses, your options are unlimited and you can make choices based on how often you plan to wear them, how comfortable you want them to be, what type of eyesight problem you’re trying to treat and whether or not you want to enjoy some edgy style with colored lenses.

Whatever choices you make regarding your contact lenses, it is equally important to lay considerable importance on the selection of the appropriate saline, lens cleaners, eye drops and disinfectants. And you need to tread more carefully if you are suffering from any allergies or you have sensitive eyes. Now, when we say you need to make the right choices we are not saying you need to really go expensive, rather look for best quality within your budget.

The common problems that most people experience on wearing colored contact lenses are dryness, itchiness, redness and burning sensation. And to prevent all these you must go selective about the lens care and eye care solutions that you buy, you can also think of switching your existing solutions with newer different brands, if the problem is consistently bothering you.

Hygiene is most important, and even minor ignorance, here, will lead to irritation and infections. Be particular about washing your hands before you handle your lenses and to change the saline or the disinfectant on a daily basis. Once in a week, you must use enzymatic cleansers too to remove all deposits from your lenses.

Sidharth Thakur