Contact Lenses Care – Simple Tips You Need To Follow

Contact lenses can be defined as cosmetic, corrective or therapeutic lenses which are positioned on the corneas of the eye. Contact lenses are used in the place of spectacles to address various vision problems.

However, contact lenses which come in a variety of colors are used more for cosmetic purposes today.

Depending on the length of time that you can wear the lens, contact lenses can be classified as disposable lenses, daily wear lenses and extended wear lenses. Disposable lenses are for one time use only. Daily wear lenses are those which you can wear repeatedly but have to be cleaned each time after use. Extended wear lenses are those which you can leave on for thirty days.

Regular care of your contact lenses is extremely important. Contact lenses which are not cleaned properly can cause eye problems. It is extremely important to wash your hands thoroughly before handling the contact lenses, as otherwise germs can be transferred from your hands to the lenses. Contact lenses should be worn only for the prescribed period of time. Wearing disposable lenses for extended periods of time can cause severe eye infections.

Clean the contact lenses each time you use it and store in fresh solution as prescribed by your eye specialist. It is extremely dangerous to wash your lenses in plain tap water as germs can breed on your lenses. Sharing contact lenses with your best friend or a family member is also unsafe as it can give rise to various eye infections. At the first sign of an infection after using contact lenses approach an oculist immediately.

Wear sunglasses with hundred percent UV protection if you wear contact lenses constantly. The eyes become more sensitive to sunlight when wearing contact lenses. As a result a people wearing contact lenses when exposed to direct sunlight complain of redness, itching sensation and watery eyes.

If you are wearing lenses keep your eyes moist and lubricated with a saline solution. Unless contact lenses are meant for extended wear never go to sleep with your contact lenses on as they can be dangerous for your eyes. Also never use your saliva to clean the lenses. If you are a regular user of contact lenses avoid applying eyeliner inside the lower eyelids.