Conditioners For Hair

moisturizing-hair Cleaning and conditioning your hair are the first steps towards maintaining healthy and beautiful hair. Often after shampooing we do not condition the hair and that may lead to rough, tangled and unmanageable hair.

Conditioning is nothing but moisturizing the clean hair  and restore the moisture loss. There are many companies who have come up with intensive conditioners and today we shall look at the conditioners made available by some of the world renowned cosmetics companies.


One of the top beauty and cosmetic company has a wide range of conditioners on offer for different types of hair. For the dry hair they have the intensive moisturizing conditioners with wheat germ oil and cocoa extracts. It is one of the best conditioners available in the market and it reduces hair fall and tangling of the hair as claimed by the company.

For the Oily hair they have light conditioners with lemon extracts. It reduces the oiliness of the hair but maintains the shine and the gloss of it. The protective conditioners also protect the hair from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun.

Color protection conditioner by L’Oreal has been prescribed by many beauty experts throughout the world. They provide the extra care needed for the colored hair and the deep penetration formula also nourishes the coated hair from root to the tip.

Ultra Doux:

One of the famous hair care product manufacturer in the world they offer seven different conditioners for dry, curly, oily and normal hair. Curly hair needs special care as they are very prone to develop tangles, and break off easily. The conditioner makes the colored hair much more manageable and soft.


Apart from these Essence is very famous for their conditioners that are used in more than 25000 saloons across the world and also by leading beauty experts. They have five different conditioners for different types of hair.


  • Well i would use the dove shampoo and conditioner, it repairs hair better than the leading Pantene conditioner. Or head and shoulders.