Concealer: One Piece Of Cosmetic You Can’t Be Without

concealer-eye-makeup Even though most women are easily able to hide away the flaws on their face using foundation, there are times when nothing less than a makeup concealer is needed to get that perfectly smooth looking facial skin.

Spotless beauties are rare, and the average woman does have some scars, blemishes or some other irregularity on the facial skin which cannot be covered up with the foundation alone. So whether it is pimples, blackheads, freckles, dark under eye circles, uneven skin tone or aging spots, a makeup concealer can be effectively used to hide any such aberrations.

There’s a wide range of concealer types available to suit the specific needs of nearly every skin type and every skin problem. Concealers are a wonderful option to address a lot of makeup problems, and the newer versions containing special ingredients offer you a wider option to produce different textures and specific effects.

Choosing the right concealer shade

But when you go choosing a concealer, don’t get misled by all the hype surrounding the product, rather go by the purpose that you need to solve. For instance, when your objective is to even out your skin tone or correct your face color then depending upon your skin tone you can use a mauve concealer shade for pale skin tones, or you can use the pinker variants for bright skin tones.

To cover up red patches, usually resulting from acne, a concealer with undertones of green will give you better results. On the other hand to hide dark under eye circles, you need a concealer with a yellow base.

Choosing the right concealer base

Concealers are available in different base types and you can pick and choose one to suit your skin type. For instance a liquid concealer comes is more effective on dry skin, while solid compact style concealers make for the right choice for oily skin.

There are also squeezable tubes and concealer sticks that make it easier for you to concentrate on a specific area. Whatever type of makeup concealer you choose, you will need a makeup brush to even it out and spread it well to get better results.

Sidharth Thakur