Complications Associated with Liposuction Surgery

Getting a fat removal doesn at through liposuction surgery doesn at cause any significant threat to your life, but still there are a lot of complication associated with this surgery. If you plan to get liposuction done, then you and better stay informed about the possible complication that can be encountered upon getting a liposuction done.


Formation of blood clots, or what is know as venous thrombosis, is the most popular complication experienced by patients who have had liposuction done on their pelvic region and thighs. During liposuction surgery, some blood clot may form in the deeper veins, which restricts the blood to the lower limbs and thus causes mobility problems.

Your surgeon may prescribe you with a blood thinning medicine to be had for a couple of weeks post surgery, to prevent blood clots. But besides taking the medicine, ensure that you walk around and flex your limbs every few hours to prevent the blood from pooling in one area.

Abdominal perforation

Since the surgeon makes only a mild cut to insert the tube, he doesn at get a clear view of the inside, which can result in the tube damaging the abdominal wall or the intestines. The situation is painful and calls for another surgery to repair the damage. The only thing you can do to avoid this complication is to go to a highly experienced liposuction surgeon.

Lidocaine toxicity

Lidocaine that is injected into the cavities formed, under the skin, after the removal of fat, can pose certain complications in patents that have been through a liposuction surgery. Lots of studies point out, that lidocaine is toxic and can lead to a multitude of complications. Some of these complications can even turn fatal, if not addressed within a reasonable time.

The major problem caused by lidocaine is in people who have a somewhat week liver or who are in the habit of drinking regularly. The problem with such patients is that their bodies may not be capable of metabolizing lidocaine, and thus their liver may suffer permanent damage, which can even lead to death.


That as another complication attached to liposuction surgery, wherein the blood of the patient turns abnormal because of the fluids injected under the skin to suck out the fat. This complication, however, is seen only in cases where more than 10 pounds of fat is removed in one session. So avoid being overzealous about loosing fat instantly.

Sidharth Thakur