Complications Associated With Breast Implant Surgery

With too many women opting in for breast enlargement surgeries, to make their breasts bigger, it becomes important to understand the related complications that you can develop post surgery. It actually makes sense to get familiar with the possible complications, because no one ants to be caught up with surprises later on.For some the complications experienced post breast enlargement surgery may be mild but for others these may be quite troublesome, necessitating further surgeries. So before you make up your mind about going in for a breast enlargement surgery, do consider the possible complications we have illustrated here.

Breasts may look different
In some cases where a woman’s breasts are different in size and shape, using the same type of implants can cause the breasts to look visibly different from each other in terms of size and shape. The only way to avoid this funny situation is to get your surgery done by some experienced doctor, one who actually studies your breasts before putting you on to the operation table.

Infections are associated with most types of surgeries, and it’s true for breast enlargement surgery as well. In most cases the infection may be noticed only after a week of the surgery, and if there is any instance of deep infection a repeat surgery may be required to remove the breast implants. Not every woman’s body accepts the implants equally well, and if ones body doesn’t accept the implants too well the chances of infection and inflammation remain high.

Scarring and inflammation
Scarring of the breast tissues, particularly where the incision was made occurs in a lot many cases. Minor scarring is fine and can be easily covered up with topical ointments, but in case scarring is accompanied by swelling, redness and pain, another surgery may be required to treat the damaged or inflamed tissues.

Implant rupture
Although rare, if the implant bursts open or begins seeping, immediate surgery may be required to have the implants removed. The leakage of the inner gel of the implant can cause serious damage to the breast and surrounding tissues.

In some cases women feel that their breasts become more or less sensitive, following breast enlargement surgery. This usually turns normal after a few months, but if the implant is pressing against some nerve, the problem of sensitive or less sensitive breasts may turn permanent.

Sidharth Thakur