Complete Makeup Tips

Make up is a kind of art. You should do make up in a natural way. Make up makes you to look beautiful. You should do make up depending on the occasion and the place where you are going.

It is very important that you understand your face first before you start doing make up. First, find out which is your best facial feature and highlight it. Make it more beautiful by simple make up. It can be your eyes, lips, cheeks or even eyebrow.

You should select bolder colors when you want to create exotic looks, otherwise it will spoil the charm of your face. Here are few tips for complete make up: exfoliate your skin to remove the dirt from your face and then start by applying moisturizer.

It is compulsory for people with dry skin. If you have lot of dark marks, apply concealer. It will hide all the dark marks on your skin. After using concealer, apply a good foundation cream that matches your skin tone. It will create smooth effect on your skin.

To give flawless looks to your face, apply powder to your face and matte down the shinny areas. Remove off the excess powder. Blush your face. It adds color to your face and freshens up your face instantly.

Groom your eyebrows well and apply eye shadow which suites your eye color. Apply eyeliner and mascara, and do perfect eye make up. Be very careful when you do eye make up. Use things which suit you.

Exfoliate your lips. Use a pinch of baking soda and just rub it to remove the dry skin on your lips. Apply lipstick which suits you depending on the size of your lips and your skin tone. After application of one coat, apply powder and then apply second coat of lip color. Apply lip gloss after the application of lip color. It adds shine to your lips.

Apply lipstick using lip brush. You can even use a tinge of shine powder if you are going for an evening party. Be aware of the latest trend. There are lots of make up kits available in the market. Use these make up kits for better looks.

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