Communicate Effectively with your Child

It is important that there be effective communication between you and your child.

It is vital that you talk to your child regularly so that he/she will be able to relate and respond to you easily knowing that if there is anything to be discussed, he/she can approach you.

Communication is important because it fills your child with a sense of security and belonging which is very important for the overall growth of the child. Here are some tips on how to communicate effectively with your child:

Every day, keep some time aside to talk to your child. If possible, have a scheduled time when you will talk to him/her. You can have a candid conversation on the dinner table or on the way to the school in the car.

These are the times when you can discuss about the day gone by (dinner table) and what is to happen during the day (on the way to your child’s school).  This way your child will feel well cared for and will learn to communicate more.

Always be supportive and encouraging. It is important that you exhibit that you are not only listening and acknowledging that what is being said, but also that you have an understanding as well. Make sure that there is eye contact during the conversation and always smile when it is appropriate.

Ensure that you listen to all that your child has to say and respond appropriately. This will ensure that your child will be candid with you, and also will leave no room left for unexplained issues that might lead to self destructive behavioral pattern which is often a direct result to a child’s feeling of ignorance.

Always express love and affection. It is important to hug and kiss your children and never be caustic in tone and sarcastic in conversation.

Patience is the key and even though your child will be difficult to handle at times and there will be instances where he/she will not understand what you are trying to say, never lose your calm. Ask the right questions and make the conversation simple. Make them feel you understand their point of view too.