Common Relationship Problems

In the beginning of a relationship, partners are so overwhelmingly intoxicated in the feeling of love that every single moment appears beautiful. In the initial days, it is almost next to impossible to find out one bad habit in your partner.

But as time passes and the aura of love which usually surrounds a couple diminishes, the couple comes face-to-face with reality. This is the time when you realize that your partner is in actuality ‘not-so-perfect’ as you dreamed him to be.

Then you come to terms with the fact that your partner, like any other human being, has certain flaws and these flaws can become difficult to live with. This is the major cause of problems that arise in a relationship. Nonetheless one must remember that when two people come together, differences are bound to arise because no two people can share the same temperaments.

Quarrels and arguments go hand-in-hand with a relationship. Couples who learn to deal with such problems and come to a solution have a lasting relationship. And couples who are unable to sort out their differences, end up breaking their relationships. Some of the common issues which become a source of discord between couples have been listed below.

Lack of communication between partners creates gaps which may become difficult to bridge later on. When partners do not communicate, their relationship loses trust and reliability. With the passage of time, misunderstandings crop in severing the bonds of love and affection and the couple tends to drift apart from each other. Quite often the dissatisfied and unhappy partner seeks love and compassion from outside which further leads to infidelity in relationships.

Issues related to finance and career growth has also been identified as the source of disharmony between couples. The partner who earns lesser than the other partner often feels insecure. In some cases where the wife is earning more in the relationship, the husband might feel inferior and insecure.

Abuse in a relationship, be it physical or emotional, can ruin it forever. In such cases, it becomes impossible for the victim of abuse to stay in the relationship. Such relationship end when the partners decide to go separate ways.

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