Common Problems With Breast Implants

Common Problems With Breast Implants

Common Problems With Breast Implants Insertion of breast implants is a major cosmetic procedure undertaken by women to enhance and improve the appearance and size of their breasts. There are several complications associated with breast implants.

While most of these complications are treatable with further surgical procedures and medications, the health problems associated with breast implants could lead to fatal conditions. Respiratory disorders of varying degrees can arise due to breast implants. Here are some problems associated with breast implants.

Lung Disorders

Breast implants are made of saline or silicone. Both these materials pose the risk of rupture at any time after the surgery. Though most implants last for more than twelve years, there are still chances of the implants leaking the fluid into the lungs and near lying areas. This can be very dangerous for the lungs, leading to lung cancer. Silicone implants are more dangerous as compared to saline implants as the body cannot absorb the silicone like saline. The lungs being very near to the implants is in direct exposure to the poisonous material.

Another life threatening condition that can arise due to silicone implants is the formation of scar tissues inside the air sacs in the lungs. Scar tissue will lead to the development of fibrous tissue and finally the air sacs can get blocked completely making breathing difficult and release of oxygen into the blood slow. Pulmonary fibrosis can occur after using implants for more than seven years.

Brain Cancers

Just like the lungs, the threat to the brain too is very great when you have silicone implants. The silicone rupture can leak into the brain and the fact that the rupture is not detected immediately as in the case of a ruptured saline implant, makes matters worse as the exposure is more. It can lead to brain tumours in some cases.

Connective Tissue Disorders

A major disorder that can arise in the connective tissue due to implants is lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune disorder which can trigger lung problems like pulmonary emboli, pleuritis and pneumitis. When the air sacs in the lungs are swollen, the condition is termed as pleuritis. Inflammation of the lungs is termed as pneumitis. Breast implants can lead to blood clots in the lungs which is called pulmonary emboli. These lung complications caused due to lupus are very serious and can even lead to death if not diagnosed early enough.

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Assessment of Risk Factors

Before breast implants are inserted, it is very important for women to assess their risk factors and general health. People with lung problems and a weak immune system can be a dangerous combination. Such women must avoid going for implants as it can easily lead to infections and complications.

A weak lung must not be crushed under the pressure of implants as it can complicate your problems after an implant surgery. Breast implants that are inserted for more than seven years generally fall under the risk category of developing lung disorders. However, all women who go for implants are susceptible to rupture of implants at any time after the surgery.