Common Mistakes In Parenting To Be Avoided

In case you are facing problems in dealing with your children, we are here to give you some tips as to how you can tame your unruly children with ease. It is not a mammoth task after all as often thought by parents who get thoroughly disillusioned at their child’s growing disobedience. Research has proved that children should be tackled tenderly and certain traditional parenting styles always fail. So, read on further to know how to avoid such parenting mistakes.

1. Discipline can be effective on your child only when you make sure that it is mild. Never punish your child harshly. Though you may think it right to beat your child, it negatively affects child psychology, so try to avoid it.

2. Never nag. Children have a tendency to flout repetitive commands. This has been proved by research. Also, nagging may reinforce wrong behavior.

3. Do not compromise. Be strict and stick to the rules you frame. Of course while framing your standards make sure that they are enforceable and mild and not equal to a military standard. But do not succumb to the tantrums of your child; let your child know that a “no” means “no” and cannot be changed otherwise. If you are strict in this regard, your child will leran to respect your command.

4. Do not be over protective. Allow your child to learn from his/her mistakes. It will make your child more resilient and self-dependent.

5. Praising your child is effective in boosting his/her morale but do not overdo it. If you praise them for everything they do, then the positive effect of praise will be severely undermined. It may lead to over-estimation and overconfidence on the part of your child.

6. Though Academics is very important, try not to panic over grades. Try to appreciate the creative spirit of your child. Cramming facts and figures is alright but a creative mind is all the more essential because it enables children to discard obsolete ideas and search for alternative solutions.

7. Respect the feelings of your child and never try to impose on them what you think is to be done. Empathize with your child because children must be given the scope to develop their own reaction against different things and situations.