Common Makeup Mistakes

makeup-mistakes We came across the famous make up artist of Bollywood, Cory Walia who shared with us some of the biggest make up mistakes normally committed by the Indian women and how some innocuous make up methods may actually be completely flawed. So, just read along to find out what must avoid which may hamper your look and how to make yourself look gorgeous.

* Avoid using too much of foundation. Foundation, though an essential component of your make up kit, must not be mistaken as a mask for concealing your actual skin. People have the wrong notion that foundation can make them look fairer. Many dark people often use a pink foundation which actually make them purple (commonly called the Krishna effect). So, choose your foundation with care.

* Always use mascara. The whole eye make up which normally done with a lot of toil can go to the dogs if you don’t use a mascara. Women use eye shadows and kohl but if there is no mascara, the whole look is incomplete. It actually opens up the eye and makes them look bigger.

* Use a lip liner which will blend in with your lipstick. Women often use a dark lip liner and then fill up with a light shade of the lipstick. This should be avoided as it gives an artificial look.

* Matte touches are out of fashion. The trend is making your lips look bigger and juicier. In case you are too much in love with dry colors like chocolate brown or burgundy, then make sure you just gloss it up to get that sexy look.

* Never try to imitate the models or actresses because the look which suits them, may not suit you. Just be yourself and create a style statement of your own. Self-confidence and attitude will definitely enhance your beauty.

* Done suffer from any kind of complex regarding your skin tone. Dark/tanned or dusky look is just as good as a fair skin. You just have to know how to beautify it with proper make up and self confidence.

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