Common Hormonal Problems Faced By Women

Common Hormonal Problems Faced By Women Women and hormone fluctuation have had an invisible tie since time immemorial. All women go through major hormone fluctuations in her body throughout her entire life.

At each crucial stage of her developmental process, hormone fluctuations can cause a host of physical and mental disorders that can be extremely trying for her as well as the people who are around her.

Many women and men are unaware of their bodily changes and the problems that accompany with it. A basic knowledge of the woman’s body is essential to be compassionate and understanding towards her when she goes through these hormone fluctuations. Here are some hormonal issues faced by women in general.

Problems Caused By Estrogen Imbalance

One of the major sex hormones that play a great role in a woman’s sexual, developmental, fertile and mental health, estrogen deficiency can sometimes be very serious as it can cause irreversible damages like infertility. Estrogen fluctuation can cause the following problems in women:

Loss of sex drive is associated with estrogen fluctuation and menopause. During this time women are faced with a lot of discomfort during sex and this too can contribute to the loss of sex drive.

Dryness in the vagina is another major cause that leads to reduced sex drive. Vaginal dryness can occur for all women after menopause and this can lead to a lot of pain and irritation of the vagina.

Hot flashes can occur before the onset of menopause and after menopause. Women will have sudden and unpredictable episodes of heating up of the body which can make them extremely frustrated as they cannot control it.

Night sweats accompany hot flashes and most women wake up with a start and go through insomnia and disturbed sleep which again tampers with their general well being.

Estrogen imbalance during adolescence can lead to psychological problems like depression and mood swings. Estrogen combined with progesterone in a woman’s body keep her well. Once this fine balance is shifted which is the case when you attain menopause, the body starts protesting and women will have numerous issues like headaches, allergies, benign lumps, low sex drive, panic attacks bloating etc.

Estrogen hormone imbalance in the body can lead to thyroid deficiency and associated symptoms like fatigue, slow metabolism, weight gain and fertility. Estrogen is also necessary for fertility and lack of estrogen or low estrogen can lead to infertility and problems conceiving.

After menopause, when the estrogen in the body becomes low, women are susceptible to bone diseases like osteoporosis. Reproductive organ problems like endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, heavy bleeding during menstruation and recurrent cases of urinary tract infections are very common problems associated with estrogen fluctuation in the body.

Estrogen is also required for the development of the body during adolescence. A woman’s height, weight and sexual development become complete only when the hormones are in balance during this stage. Estrogen imbalance is no longer a great threat to women as there are several methods by which the condition can be treated with success.