Common Hair Mistakes that Damage your Hair

Wonder why your hair looks nasty even though you use the most expensive products available. Well, it’s not the products but your hair care routine that determines how your hair looks.

Most of the products are made with all the essential ingredients that nourish your hair and add moisture however if you do not follow a routine then you are going to damage your hair. Sometimes we damage our hair unintentionally and thus being aware of what harms the hair is as important as knowing what is good for it.

If you think washing your hair regularly helps to condition it and improves it in any way then you are mistaken. When you wash your hair daily you strip the natural oils from it and this causes flakes and dandruff formation on your scalp.

In order to prevent this you must wash your hair every alternate day or every 3rd day. Use water and shampoo on your hair only when your hair feels dirty, sticky or when you sweat too much. Rinse your hair well to get rid of all the soap from your hair; if you do not rinse your hair well you may get a rash.

Avoid rubbing your hair in order to dry this. This only causes damage to your hair. Instead you need to wipe you hair gently with a towel or let it air dry. Avoid using a hair dryer or other heating agents on your hair too often as they reduce the moisture in your hair.

Do not make the mistake of brushing your hair when it is wet. This makes the hair brittle and it causes hair breakage. Use a wide tooth comb to brush your hair after you wash it. Again make sure that your hair is dry when you brush it and start from the bottom and move towards the top.

Though you may get tempted to use hair care and styling products you must avoid this as it may damage your scalp and hair. Avoid back combing your hair too as it makes the hair fragile and causes the hair to break. Reduce the number of chemicals you use on your hair; this includes straightening, perms and coloring your hair.