Common Fashion Blunders

common-fashion-blunders Ways to avoid common mistakes in Fashion: Styles and fashion do not have a definitive scale to be measured or any particular outline to define them.

Fashion is completely a respective view varying from person to person and regions. In actuality the word fashion is a completely personalized perception as to what people feel comfortable in and looks trendy on them becomes a trend of fashion for them.

Hence, no particular fashion or style of dressing can be concluded to be inappropriate.

However, some familiar styles are there followed by men’s for decades and they are nice-looking, well matching, and widely accepted as well. But, there are always some possibilities of fashion mistakes practiced by men.

We would discuss some of them in here:

Wearing a short sleeved shirt along with a tie is a strict no. short sleeves in shirts are classified as apparels of a secondary or lower category. Hence, a tie if worn with a short sleeve would not help in giving a professional outlook to anyone’s image.

Wearing of short ties should be avoided. If possible ties should be worn with the length reaching belt line. Wearing a long tie is not at all negotiable nor is it arbitrary by any chance. Wearing a tie of short length makes one look casual and less important.

It needs to be taken a good care of the length of one’s trouser. Trouser should ideally be of the length to cover the socks, and socks should be covering the shins even in a cross legged position. Pants with a slender break in front are of a proper length.

Clothes with multiple colors should be avoided unless a party is what one is planning to attend. If a professional outlook is desired the color of the clothes must be limited to maximum three shades.

For shoes needs to stick to a complementary color picked from the identical palette. Pale colored clothes should ideally be matched with light shaded shoes and the clothes of dark shades should ideally be complemented with dark shoes. The shoes should strictly be in a good condition, shiny, and well kept. If a suit is worn the safest option to go with them are the shoes with lace.


  • Lauren

    I love to dress nicely! I hate people who dont match it annoys the crud out of me! I love matching! I actually love fashion in general! This was a pretty good article!