Common Causes Of Rosacea & How To Control It

Common Causes Of Rosacea

Common Causes Of Rosacea Rosacea is a skin condition which involves inflammation and reddening of the skin. Mostly fair skinned people are observed to get affected by rosacea. It starts off with certain areas in face like cheeks, nose, forehead etc. but it can also appear in other parts of the body like back, neck etc.

This condition is not dangerous, but it can sure cause some amount of itching and irritation. Moreover it can spoil the beauty of your face. The red patches can make your skin look ugly and it is also likely to lower your confidence. A number of factors are known to trigger rosacea. Most common factors that can trigger rosacea are excessive exposure to the harsh rays of the sun, climatic changes, factors like stress etc.

Certain chemicals and foods can also trigger the symptoms of rosacea. Whatever be the reason, it is very important to get rid of rosacea at the earliest or else it can have a negative impact on your confidence and self-esteem. Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure for rosacea but measures can be taken to subside the symptoms of the same. Some precautions and steps will surely help you get deal with rosacea effectively. Here are few tips that you must keep in mind to treat rosacea.

Keep Your Skin Clean

For starters, you will have to ensure that you keep your skin clean at all times. Make it a habit to wash your face after coming back from outside. Exposure to dust, dirt, smoke and other factors can deteriorate your skin condition. Use a mild herbal face wash to clean your face and wash it with cold or normal water.

Make it a point to never wash your skin with hot water, if you are trying to cure rosacea. After washing your face you can use a mild herbal toner and follow up with a good quality moisturizer based on your skin type. These basic steps can help a great deal in subsiding the symptoms of rosacea.

Choose Skin Care Products Carefully

The skin of people suffering from rosacea is extremely sensitive and hence it is very important that you choose skin care products sensibly. Choose to pick herbal products and keep away from fancy skin care products which contain lot of harsh chemicals. Also avoid scented skin care products and stick to herbal products. The harsh chemicals present in various skin care products can damage your skin to great extents and so it is best to pick herbal skin care products.

Sun Protection

Certain statistics have proved that majority of people suffering from rosacea acquired this skin disorder, after prolonged exposure to sun. So it is very important that you protect your skin from harsh rays of the sun to prevent further deterioration of your condition.

Mostly fair skinned people are known to get affected from rosacea and fair skinned people are recommended to use a sunscreen with an SPF content of at least 50. Also make sure that you use a hat or a scarf to cover your face to prevent direct sun exposure. If possible avoid stepping out into the sun on afternoons. Sun protection will surely help you deal with rosacea better.

Eat Sensibly

Certain foods are known to trigger the symptoms of rosacea. Foods rich in spices and fats are the top rosacea triggering foods and hence you should have such foods in moderation only. However, ensure that you include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet as such foods help detox the body.

Also drink plenty of water throughout the day to flush all toxins from the body. Excessive consumption of caffeine containing beverages can also trigger and worsen the symptoms of rosacea. So replace such caffeine containing beverages with green tea, which is a rich source of antioxidants and very good for health as well. Find out what foods worsen your condition and avoid having those foods to control rosacea.

Stay Stress Free

Excessive stress and tensions can also become the reason for rosacea. Everybody has their set of personal problems and everybody takes stress. But you should know where to draw the line. Taking unnecessary stress can become the reason for many ailments and health problems including rosacea.

So ensure that you do the necessary to eliminate stress and tension from your life. You can start practicing yoga and some forms of meditation and breathing exercises to relive stress. These activities will helps you cope with stress and in turn rosacea. Also make it a point to get adequate sleep and rest to stay healthy and free of such ailments and disorders.

Quit Bad Habits

It is very important to refrain from activities like smoking and alcohol consumption in order to get rid of rosacea. These habits can worsen your condition and also lessen the effectiveness of the treatments you take to get rid of rosacea. So it is very important to quit all your bad habits to prevent your condition from worsening.

Go Herbal

You can try certain natural remedies on a regular basis to get rid of rosacea. Applying Aloe Vera gel directly from the plant helps a great deal in subsiding the redness and inflammation. You can also try applying cold green tea bags on the affected areas to soothe the skin and reduce rosacea. A paste made of cold milk and oatmeal powder can also be applied on the affected area to subside the symptoms. Applying crushed mint leaves also works well for the same.

Seek Medical Assistance

Apart from these self-help tips you will have to seek medical assistance also to get rid of your condition fast. Based on your conditions you might be recommended topical cremes or other modes of treatment to treat your condition.

People suffering from rosacea will have to take extra precautions, and care for their skin as their skin needs special attention. This skin condition can be quite disheartening but it is very important that you take adequate steps to deal with this problem. Ensure that you follow these measures strictly in order to deal with rosacea.

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