Common Causes Of New Born Diseases

newborn diseases causes

newborn diseases causes New born babies are the gifts to mankind; each new born fills the world of the new parents and their families with immense joy and hope. However, a new born baby is very delicate.

Once the new born baby enters the outside world from the protected snug nest of the mother’s womb it is most necessary to provide most care, attention and proper nutrition to avoid any kind of health complications. The new born has a very delicate immune system and therefore until the baby gets adjusted to the outside environment great care has to be taken to prevent infections and diseases.

Common Causes of New Born Diseases

Diseases of the new born may occur due to various reasons; health and lifestyle of the pregnant mother, negligence, premature delivery, post natal care and so on. Sometimes the new born may be born with certain medical conditions or may have genetic problems.

Certain diseases may be a common occurrence among many new born babies and can be easily combated if proper treatment and care is given. But some medical conditions can become serious and life threatening as well. Therefore, it is very important to know about the common diseases of the new born and how to deal with them to protect the babies from falling prey to such medical conditions.

About Diseases of the New Born


Neonatal jaundice may occur due to the new born baby’s liver functioning and inability to dispose bilirubin from the blood or may be due to maternal and fetal blood incongruity. There can also be certain other complications for which neonatal jaundice may occur.

Fevers, yellow hue of the skin, loss of appetite, inactivity are common symptoms of new born jaundice. Medical attention is most important to treat new born jaundice and at home you can place the baby in sunlight for about 10-15 minutes if the jaundice is of mild level. Sunlight is effective in curing jaundice.

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Hemolytic Disease of New Born

This is a condition where the red blood cells of the fetus may get attacked by antibodies passed from the mother’s placenta. Reticulocytosis or anemia may result from such condition.

Medical tests can be conducted to determine the possibility of such condition. The possible modes of treatment before birth are blood transfusion and plasma exchange while after birth phototherapy and compatible red blood exchange are the options.

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Apnea and Bradycardia

Apnea is a condition where breathing gets paused for about 15-20 seconds and Bradycardia happens when heart beat falls down considerably. The baby’s body color may turn pale by gradually becoming purple or bluish.

The condition is medically treated by using drugs such as theophylline and aminophylline. Breathing stimulators, continuous positive airway pressure, periodic stimulation are some of the effective ways to treat this condition in new born babies.

Possible Measures to Prevent New Born Diseases

Many conditions may not be within human control yet certain measures can definitely be taken to minimize the possibilities of diseases of the new born. It is essential for the expectant mother to lead a healthy lifestyle and follow proper pregnancy precautions. Proper prenatal and postnatal care along with enough medical expertise is required to deliver a healthy baby.