Comfortable facial massage

Daily activities leave us with almost no time to follow an elaborate beauty regimen. At the same time it robs your skin of its innate luster due to daily exposure to dirt, dust and the sun rays. Modern working women hardly have time to think about or do anything about this ordeal.

But to state the truth of life, a soft and glowing skin has been an asset till date since time immemorial. If you possess a healthy skin care, you are sure to be the object of envy amongst your sex and the objective for many belonging to the other.

To put an end to this problem we are here giving you a recipe for facial oil massage which you can do yourself at home instead of spending bucks

in the parlor. It is a quick and easy method, so we advise you to give it a try.

Recipe: calendula and carrot complexion conditioner. Oil for the face massage is suitable for all skin types, whether it be dry, oily or tanned. It moisturizes your skin deeply and gently. It

is especially helpful during the winter months to fight dryness. Even during those cold days, you will find your skin supple, soft and without rashes. Facial massages always increase circulation and help to retain the moisture of the skin.


Hazel nut oil/jojoba oil/sesame oil – 2 tablespoons
Carrot seed essence – 6 drops
Calendula essence (oil) – 4 drops

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