Color Me Red – How To Wear Color Red The Right Way

Red is a very strong and mighty color in the color palette. There is a misconception in many women’s mind that it suits only certain sects of people. Well, the good news is that anyone can wear their favorite color.

Red color comes in gamut of hues. Choose from sizzling scarlet to tangy tomato to resplendent raspberry. Bright solid red color can sometimes become difficult to wear but the muted tones of this color looks vibrant and vivacious. It is imperative to find the right shade of red that compliments your personality. Once successful, you can easily transform yourself into a fashion diva for the next soiree.

The right shade of red should suit your hair and complexion. If you have dark brown or black hair with dark eyes, wear dark and strong reds. Stay away from orange tones and stick to blue undertones. People with red hair and golden skin should wear warm colors of red and should completely avoid blue tones.

People with ash blond or grey hair should wear purple-reds and stay away from orange. You can also play with the color red by mixing it other colors like beige, fuchsia pink. Team it up with colors like black or white for that perfect party style.

When wearing a red dress, go in for neutral or metallic accessories. A subtle hint of color red can add spice to your banal attires. For instance a pair of red footwear with neutral shade dresses is a runway hit. Wear red lip shade with beige or brown outfits. Remember to tone down the rest of your make up when wearing red on lips.

If you feel that the red is looking too intense, pair it up with neutral shades jackets or footwear. Red is a color which epitomizes passion. A pair of red stilettos or lacy red lingerie will surely drive your man crazy.

Red is an amazing color. The only confusion lies in wearing it the right way. Make sure to choose the right tinge of red. It should enhance your personality and should reflect your natural hair, skin and eye colors. Don’t shy away from this color. Add it in your closet. Take a chance and fall in love with this bold and beautiful color all over again.