Clothing Tips for an Elegant Look

Some women personify style and elegance without making any effort. This is because they know what their style is and they work it out. Being stylish is not about wearing the latest fashions all the time; it about being timeless. If you want to sport an ultra stylish look then here are a few pointers to help you out.

Every person needs to go through their closet at least twice a year. This is the time for quality checks for the clothes. This means you are looking out for holes and tell tale signs of the clothes reaching their end. Once you have gone through your closet make a list of all the items of clothing that you possess.

Every weekend go through the list and make a separate list of 7 outfits; one for each day of the week.The lists make it easier for you to locate your clothes and latter list helps you to save time picking out your outfits before you head out everyday.

If you want to sport the elegant look then you need to keep the word “classic” in mind when you are shopping. This means that you avoid looking in aisles that have the latest trends and skip over to the aisles that have vintage pieces. You will need a pair of dark jeans, a jacket and a trench coat and T shirts.

In your closet you will sport a knee length skirt and black trousers. Your closet will also be home to dark colors and tans and the only colors that will feature are the ones in your accessories.

You also need to include a few pairs of comfortable shoes. They need not be expensive however they must be clean and easy to wear for the entire day. Ballet pumps are an essential in every wardrobe and you must have them in black, red and grey.

To complete your look you will need a classic handbag. Though you may be tempted to buy a trendy bag remember most of the current trends die out after a single season however a classic handbag will live on so it is a great investment. Splurge on a handbag in black of brown for the office and a neutral shade for summer.