Clothing Options To Help you Look Slim

It is amazing how clothes can accentuate your body. Women spend hours getting ready every day before stepping out of the house. This is amazing because it is at this time that they make choices that are crucial to their appearance and how people perceive them. It is a psychologically known fact that no woman is happy with the way she looks and hence she compensates by wearing clothes that make her look good. If you are on a journey to figuring out what clothes to wear in order to make you look thinner then read on.

Wear Black- You can’t go wrong

It’s my favorite color and my parents never understood it. Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t a gothic chic; I just loved wearing black. It’s a color that flatters any figure. It has the amazing ability to hide excess flab in a matter of seconds. If you are packing on a few extra pounds then wear loose fitted clothes so that you feel comfortable. Don’t try getting into clothes that are a few sizes smaller in an attempt to look thinner; it would be a disastrous choice.

Avoid pastels

White and light colors will add unnecessary weight to your figure. If you are feeling bulky then you may want to avoid colors like white, beige, pastels like blue and pinks, green and lavender. Steer clear of metallic colors too.

Don’t wear contrasting Colors

It would be best to avoid wearing contrasting colors. You shirts and bottoms need to be of the same color only different shades. Match black with grey or black but don’t wear a contrast of red. This will immediately add weight to your figure.

No low waists

If you want to look thin then you must avoid wearing low waist pants and skirts. This being said, you may also want to stay away from blouses and shirts that are too short. These clothes reveal your body and curves when you walk, move or bend. Not only is this unappealing it is also something that you want to avoid as it reveals unwanted curves and nasty bulges.

Wear High heels as often as you can

This is one of the best ways to camouflage unwanted flab- heels. Flat shoes like ballet flats and thong slippers make you look shorter and fatter than you are. In order to avoid this you need to wear high heel shoes. This makes you look slender always. This doesn’t mean that you need to get your feet into uncomfortable high heels all the time; instead wear a pair of shoes that have medium heels so that your feet are comfortable all day long.