Clothing Options for When You are Jet Setting (Traveling)

I am a strong believer in fashion and while my personal style statement is more on the lines of chunky jewelry, jeans and large bags I must say that I do pay attention to garments that are understated too.

I became aware of this only after my recent trip across the seas. I had to board a 26 hour flight and it was only then that I realized the attention that I pay to comfort wear or casual clothing.

Your every day attire is a strong reflection of your personality. It is the clothes that you wear for the better half of your day and hence it is only fair that you choose them wisely. The same can be said for the clothes that you choose to wear when you are traveling.

Travel does not necessarily mean in a flight but here we will keep that are the large picture. Some people jet set across the globe on work while others do it for pleasure. With the summer season soon approaching most families will be planning holidays and long weekends and thus here are a few tips to keep you trendy and comfortable at the same time.

When you are on a flight you need to have certain bare essentials with you. You also need to dress comfortably. This does not mean that you wear your gym clothes or your sweats on the flight. It’s just a matter of down sizing your glamour. An ideal outfit for a long journey would be on the lines of a T shirt with a cowl neck or a v neck. This is important as you can wear a scarf over a V neck T shirt to increase the glam quotient.

Look out for a basic T shirt with short sleeves. If you wear a long sleeved T shirt then you can roll up the sleeves to dress it up. Tights or leggings are perfect for a long journey however you can wear a pair of jeans on top of the leggings. This will help to keep you warm and cozy on the flight. Wear a jacket and carry a stole or Pashmina with you on the flight; you can wrap this around yourself just incase you begin to feel cold. A shawl acts as a comforter when you need to sleep on the flight.

Keep your footwear simple; ballet flats are ideal however you may carry a pair of long socks to keep your feet warm.

Remember to stay stylish and comfortable while you are jet setting around the globe.