Clothes to Avoid After you Turn a Certain Age

Maturity is a beautiful thing. Not only does aging make you wiser it also makes you more radiant. However in order to maintain this radiance you need to make sure that you dress the part too.

You can’t go around wearing the clothes that you did when you were in your twenties. That will make you look tacky and unappealing. If you want to know what to avoid after you turn glorious then read on.

Ditch all the micro mini skirts and shorts from your closet. Wearing them to the beach over your bikini or to the pool when you are hanging out with your friends is acceptable however for any other occasion these clothes are forbidden. Older women who wear short dresses, shorts or skirts look unappealing; especially when worn with a pair of boots.

After you turn a certain age you also need to stop showing off your midriff. This at any age is not a very good sight however as a woman grows older she needs to make a conscious attempt to cover up. Whether you have rock hard abs or a flabby tummy hiding the section of your body is in your best interest.

Tube tops are another article of clothing that you need taken out of your closet. A woman of any age has issues with wearing tube tops. In the first place they flatten your chest and while doing so they move the flab to your arms creating flabby arms.

Now, this may seem ok when you are younger however as you mature a flat chest and flabby arms is not something that you should be very keen on showcasing publically.

Torn denims are the next thing that maturing women must avoid. This was a huge trend in the 80’s and it is slowly creping back into the main stream of fashion. It doesn’t do anything positive for your look and hence it is best if you avoid this style.

Teens and women in their 20’s can get away with wearing tunics are dresses; at any age beyond your 20’s this is not appealing. The tunic will end at your thighs and this may not be a part of your body that you want to show off when you are maturing.

If you want to wear a tunic wear it with leggings or skinny jeans; not only is the look classier it is also very sensual. Leggings will also tone your body naturally.