Classic Woman’s Shoe Styles for Summer 2010

Women are excited about the fact that summer is here. It is time to retire our boots and foot covering devices that we use all winter long. Summer is the time to wear flirtatious sandals, peep toes, gladiator sandals and even thong slippers.

With so many choices to make how do you decide what to slip into? Simple, just look at what the styles gurus have listed as the most coveted shoes styles for summer 2010.

This year the fashion gods have listed 3 shoes styles that are bound to dominate the fashion scene. Not all women are comfortable wearing a pair of gladiator sandals that draw up to their ankles nor are women very keen on wearing thong sandals.

For this reason the 3 shoes style that are listed as the most coveted summer shoes are the Peep Toe shoes, the Versatile Leather Sandal and the Almost Bare Strappy Sandal. Let’s look at how you can get your groove on in one of these pairs.

The Peep Toe shoes have been a classic that is dominating the shoe world since the early 1950’s. It is the kind of shoe that is appropriate to wear to the office when wearing a business suit, the shoe that can be worn with a maxi dress or an evening gown and the shoes that can be worn with jeans, trousers, skirts and even with your swim wear while you are at the beach.

You can put your best foot forward in a pair in this style in just about any color or fabric.

A pair of T strapped leather sandals are the next type of shoe that need to be in your summer shoe collection this year. The leather makes the shoes durable and perfect to wear for any occasion.

You can get them in metallic colors too, but that’s only if you are bold enough to pull off the look. Sandals in this style are prefect as you can wear them while you are out shopping, at the beach or even when you are out with your friends.

The last style of shoe that needs to make their presence in your closet is the almost barefoot strappy sandal. These shoes are perfect in high heels too. If you decide to buy a pair of high heels ensure that you buy them at a store rather than online so that you can check out the arch, the fit and the comfort that the heel offers your feet.