Choosing Wonderful Winter Fashions

As you notice the days going shorter and colder you slowly are welcomed by cold winds throughout the day. This is the time to bring out the winter wear. But with so much to choose from what do you wear? You have two options; you can either rummage through the clothes that you stacked away from the previous year or you can invest in some new articles of clothing.

As you hit the shops you will see an array of clothes to choose from. Don’t be overwhelmed by what you see; all you need is 4 key pieces and you can accessories to get a different look every day.

The first key piece that you need to invest in is a coat. This is a piece that needs to transition from a day wear or formal wear to a night wear outfit that you need for the endless parties that you will need to attend during the holiday season. Invest in a coat that will be a timeless classic so you don’t have to buy a new one every year. A woolen number is your best bet but leather is normally the popular choice. Choose a coat that suits your style and personality.

The next thing you need is a pair of woolen pants. This is a huge investment and hence you need to ensure that the texture, cut and color is perfect before you buy it. Now, when you are buying these pants you need to remember that they need to transition from day wear to night wear so bare that in mind when you are trying them on.

A velvet skirt is something that you can wear year after year so invest in one for the winter. This is a perfect option for the number of dinner parties that you will need to attend during the cold months. Choose the length of the skirt and the color as per your own preference; don’t feel obligated to go with the current fashion trends.

The last key article of clothing that you need during winter is a good scarf. Personally, I prefer a woolen scarf however you have a variety of textures to choose from. Drape around your neck or arms for a sultry look and feel.