Choosing The Right Handbag

A handbag is quite indispensable to any woman; still most women have to struggle to find the right hand bag. Here are a few concerns that normally bother women when deciding about which handbag to buy.

The biggest dilemma is whether the bag should be bought for its practical purpose or for its fashion appeal. Now that decision should basically be based on what are the essential things that you normally carry in your hand bag and what is the general purpose for which you’re buying this particular hand bag?

If it is for everyday office use, you need a roomier bag; on the other hand you may want a small handbag to carry to the party. Just follow one simple rule and you will never go wrong, when your outfit is casual let the bag be casual too, and when you’re dressed formally carry a sleek and small formal bag. Formal bags are usually smaller in size, higher in quality and with finer details, as against their casual counterparts.

While you may be tempted to buy a handbag to match with each of your dresses, essentially what you need are a few basic colors such as brown, black and red. And when dressing up formally, do remember to match the color of your handbag with that of your shoes, for its got a real striking effect.

You have a varied selection of handbag shapes to choose from, but when deciding on the shape you will have to take your own body shape into account. Ideally, both the shapes that is your shape and your handbag’s shape should be a contrast to each other. Say if you are thin then a puffy round bag may look nice on you, while with a rounded body structures, a tall or a vertically stretched out handbag will go well.

When you go shopping for a bag, do check that the handbag is able to retain its shape when it’s not completely full, all the buckles and fasteners are in good shape, the stitching is uniform and sturdy and lastly the shoulder straps on handles are strong and convenient.

Sidharth Thakur