Choosing Sunglasses For Different Face Shapes


Sunglasses Summer is almost here and you need to shop for a sunglass. But do not just go to the store uninformed about the type of sunglasses that you should try on to compliment your face shape and the ones you should keep away from. There are more than just one rule, the first being, bigger faces should pick bigger sunglasses and smaller faces should stick to small sunglasses.

Picking Right Sunglasses For Your Face

Oval Faces

This is most common face shape and an oval shaped face has the most proportionate features. If you have an oval face shape, you are blessed, as almost all type of sunglasses would look great on you. Hence, do not fear to try on the challenging ones, like the cat eye sunglasses and wayfarers or upswept and cool aviators too. Nevertheless, square and rectangular ones which are softly rounded at the edges would praise your face.

Round Faces

The width and length of your face is almost same, and your chin is a bit rounded too. What would praise your features is the kind of sunglasses that counters your round shape, making it look longer.


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Geometric and angular shaped sunglasses like rectangular or square sunglasses with prominent edges, even wayfarers or upswept ones would sharpen your features. Higher temples create an elongated look which also looks good on your face.

Square Faces

A very angular face shape and proportionate too, with a broad forehead and a strong jaw line. To balance the angular feature out, you should wear the fashionable and bold round sunglasses, aviators also look great on your face shape. Cat eye sunglasses look best when flaunted by a square face. Keep away from angular or geometric shaped sunglasses as they scream out of a disaster when on your face.

Oblong Faces


Oblong faces have a big forehead, a long nose and a very narrow face. If you have a narrow face you should wear sunglasses that make your face look wide and small. Wear oversize round shaped sunglasses, you can also try large square ones that widen your face. Do not wear sunglasses that are small in size.

Diamond Faces

Diamond Face Sunglasses

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These faces have a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones and then it narrows down to little and beautiful chin. To compliment your face you should wear oval and square sunglasses. Experiment with the styles of cat eye, butterfly and wayfarers or upswept sunglasses. Do not wear sunglasses that are narrow and makes your cheek bones pop out from the sides.

Triangle Faces/Heart Shaped Faces

Triangle or a heart shaped face has a wide forehead and narrow jaw line. You should pick sunglasses that balance the narrow jaw line and drive away attention from the forehead. Styles like cat eye and butterfly can really do the trick. Aviators are classy and they also bring out the best in you.

How To Wear Them

You should keep in check how the frame fits your face and compliments your style by understanding a few guidelines I have listed here. Always purchase sunglasses with nose pads so that they fit comfortably on your eyes. A round sunglass should always cover your eyebrows or just ends on your brow line. Upswept or wayfarers should be worn in such a way that the ends of the sunglass stick a little off your face. I prefer option for thick frames when buying a square sunglass, this gives the classic feel. And for cat eye sunglasses, keep in mind to tone down the bold effect by choosing colors like black or white.