Choosing Fashionable Eye-Wear

You can make the eyes look smaller or bigger with eye make up. So if your eyes look bigger you need to pay some attention to the details. The flaw in the make up can be pointed out.

You can apply foundation as well and use the concealer to match the skin tone so that the make up blends well enough. You can choose the eye shadow colors for a pale, dark and medium tone. You can use compact to match the skin type. You can also use a wonderful pair of glasses to add a look of elegance to your look.

This is how you can go about it. The palest shade can be applied to the eyelids. The medium shades can be well blended. You can then apply some dark shades to the eyes. So for applying the medium shade to the eyelids you can create large set eyes by mixing with the dark shades.

You can start off with a little touch to the space near the brow. You also have to use a good waterproof mascara and also an eyeliner to make the eyes look bright and prominent. You can also use a smudged pencil as a liner to the eyes.

If your eyes look smaller there are various ways to make the eyes look very striking. You can choose the matching skin tones which are dark, medium and light. The palest shadow can be applied to the area of the eye lid.

You can use a eye shadow brush and a darker shade to draw a triangle to the corner of the eyes and blend that in slowly so that the eyes look wider. With a eye liner that is white you can use it to open your eyes well. Use some volume shocking area to give the eyes lashes a wonderful look and feel.

The eyebrow pencil should be used sparingly. You can use that to define lines but you have to smudge that in to create the actual effect. To keep your eyes sparkling and healthy, you must get lots of sleep, drink lots of water and also have loads of vegetables and fruits to keep yourself hydrated and moisturized.

Eye drops can also help to brighten the eyes. Rimless glasses can give the impression of not wearing the spects or they may be fitted on the nose to stand out. You can use an eye pencil to define the eye brows if you are wearing glasses. Different colors of the lenses as well as of the rims help you to stay trendy and also to keep up with the apparels.