Choose the Right Spectacle Frames to Suit Your Face

Not every one is happy about wearing spectacles. While some women are proud of wearing their glasses and make it a fashion accessory there are others who are not keen on wearing them at all. As an option you can opt to use lenses; however wearing contact lenses in your eyes for extended periods could have a negative reaction on your eyes.

Always keep a pair of spectacles with you in case you need to remove your lenses. Choosing a pair of spectacles that suits your face structure and complexion will make you stand out from the crowd.

The right frame is one that suits the proportion of your face. It should be a comfortable fit; one that allows you to move around with ease. Check to ensure that the frames do not pinch you or are not too tight on the nose or at the back of the ears where they rest.

The color of the frame plays a vital role. The frame you choose needs to compliment your complexion, skin tone, eye color and your hair color. Choose darker spectacle frames if your skin tone is light and use a light tone if you have a warm complexion.

The shape of the frame needs to be in contrast with the shape of your face. If you have an oval face then are very lucky as frames of all shapes will suit your facial structure. Round face individuals must wear square or rectangular shaped glasses. Rimless glasses are perfect for those who have round faces. On the other hand those with square faces must use round glasses as they compliment them very well.

If you are not too keen on wearing glasses then you need to work hard to choose the right ones. Think of them as an accessory or an extension to your attitude and personality. Working individuals can use frames that depict seriousness; those that are in darker colors and square shaped suit working men and women.

Teens can pull of the ‘geek look’ by wearing retro glasses or over sized glasses. Red look very attractive on women; even working professionals can wear red as it makes a bold statement.

Wear your glasses with pride and attitude. You body language will add oomph to your new accessory.