Choose Colors to Flatter your Skin Tone

Have you ever wondered how some women look ravishing in their outfits? This is because these women co-ordinate their outfits to suit their skin tones. This is a vital part of choosing an outfit. If you are confused about what outfits suit you best and how to choose colors to match your skin tone then you need to read further.

Firstly you need to understand your skin tone. Remember, skin tone is determined by seasons. So we have 4 different skin tones to choose from. Once you know your skin tone you will be able to select the outfits that flatter you.

Asian and African Americans have winter skin tones. These are brunettes with dark eyes. They flaunt pale skin tones that are either dark or olive. Clear colors suit this skin tone. Whites, blacks, blues, reds and pinks are colors to choose from. Icy tones are more flattering than pastels. Olive skin tones must avoid wearing oranges and gold hues.

Blondes and brunettes with light eyes are known to have a summer complexion. Their skin is pale and has pink hues. These women can wear pastels and pull them off gracefully. Lighter tones like beiges, lemons, lavender and plum colors suit these skin tones. Colors that do not suit this type of complexion include black, white and orange.

Redheads have an autumn complexion. These women look ravishing in golden undertones. This includes beige, orange, sand and caramel colors. Dark brown looks very flattering. Redheads must avoid dark and nay blue tones.

Spring complexions are those that sport white or peaches skin tones. These are normally light hair women and bleach blondes. These women normally sport freckles on their faces and have light eye. These women can pull of wearing any light pastel shades. Golden under tones look extremely graceful on these women; however they must avoid all dark colors. Wearing black, dark blue, red and maroon will be disastrous.

These are simple guidelines to help you choose the right colors to flatter your complexion. Remember in addition to choosing the right colors you also need to pay attention to the detailing on the fabrics that you wear. Wear colors, fabrics and cuts that you feel comfortable in. There is no rule that stops you from wearing a certain color; but you must choose wisely.