Choose A Shoe Style Based On Your Body Shape

professional-shoes To look good in any outfit, you must always look for a style that suits your body shape, and the same rule applies to shoes styles as well. Not wearing the right style of shoes can make your legs look short and fat. Here is a little insight into what type of shoes, go well with what body type.

Strapped ankle shoes

If your lower legs and ankles are on the thicker side, then you must stay away from this style because straps give a kind of strangled look to your thick ankles.

Flat ballet shoes

If your lower legs and ankles are a bit chunky, look for some other style because the ballet flats are too delicate in comparison to your heavier legs and thus the combination looks somewhat imbalanced. In case of women who are short, a pointed toe looks much better than the regular rounded toe. And with short and stocky legs, you should wear ballet flats only when you’re wearing a dress that ends above the knee.


Short women can make their legs look longer with high heeled boots clubbed up with a knee length dress. However, if you really want the lengthening magic to work, then you must pick up boots and the dress in the same color. If your legs are thick and short, wearing boots in lengths which ends below the knee will make your legs appear fatter.
So, for a real slimming look always wear boots which end no more than an inch below the knee. Also to add more shape to your legs look for boots which are a little tight around the ankle.


If your feet are big and not well maintained, drop the idea of wearing sandals and instead get your feet into some peep toes or sling backs. And in case your legs are bulky, look for sandals in chunky designs, while avoiding sandals with delicate straps altogether.

Sidharth Thakur